6 comments on “Completed Cross Stitch – “Swan Serenity” by Mike Vickery

  1. Do you think the magazine was Just Cross Stitch by any chance. I had this pattern years ago and iit was lost when I moved. Just Cross Stitch has all its magazines on DVD and I would be even more tempted to buy them if I knew this chart was one that was included. If you don’t know , would you mind if I posted your picture on some cross stitch groups? Someone might remember. Thanks so much! Beautiful stitching by the way! Ruth Ash


    • Hi Ruth Ash! Thank you so much for the kind words. Sounds like we are both in the same boat about this pattern :O) (BTW did you have a chance to stitch it before misplacing the pattern? Would love to see a picture.)

      Please feel free to post any pictures from this blog and hopefully we can solve the mystery of the “nameless” chart.

      Thanks a bunch (and fingers crossed)!


      • Yay! Thank you so much. I’ll try to hunt down that magazine. Thanks again, Ruth

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