27 comments on “Completed Cross Stitch – Lanarte / Maria Van Scharrenburg’s "The Kiss"

  1. Ramona, your work is absolutely awesome! I myself started cross stitching once, only to find out that it takes a lot of patience (something I absolutely don’t posses) and effort to make something this great! I simply love it! love, Sanne


  2. These are beautiful! I enjoy cross stitch as well – but no time at the moment. I have one I completed from when I was pregnant with my first (now almost 4) that I haven’t gotten framed yet – and a second no where near completion (from when I was pregnant with my second) which is gathering dust so I appreciate the time and effort needed to do something so beautiful!


  3. OMG! That took my breath away! I have seen a small picture of that pattern, but WOW! Absolutely stunning! And the framing is perfect. Great job! LOVE 🙂


  4. Stunning!!! I also have the kit and plan on stitching it on a hand dye fabric. I love Lanarte. 🙂 Your frame is really beautiful and the perfect match for this little beauty. 😀 Congrats !!!


    • Thank you so much Chiloe 🙂 I hope you enjoy stitching your kit and complete it sooner than I did LOL

      I would love to see the dyed fabric you choose because I have always wondered what this pattern would look like on dyed cloth. I’m so excited for you!!!

      Michael’s Arts and Crafts’ framing department are magicians when it comes to professional framing.

      They helped me picked the mats and frame and the tough part was waiting to get it back after 4 weeks 🙂


  5. Wowie that is amazing! Can I ask the pattern name/number so I can have a go! Would love to do it, it looks incredible!


    • Hi Ann,

      Congratulations on winning Best of Show! That is absolutely fantastic and I would love to see a picture of your work (and the Blue Ribbon too!). Thank you for the compliment and sharing your good news :0)


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