9 comments on “Completed Cross Stitch – Stoney Creek’s "Cat and Pumpkins"

  1. Beautiful work! It inspires me to take up the needle and thread again. It’s been a long while since I cross stitched. Listening to books on tape while stitching sounds like a wonderful way to spend the winter evenings. Thanks for visiting “Laura’s Lens” and for the like. It led me to your blog. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you so much lljostes 🙂 I am thrilled to hear (okay…read LOL) that you are feeling inspired (yay!). I was happy to find your blog too! Hope to see a post of your needlework soon (or other project du jour) 🙂


    • Hey B & P,

      Thank you so much for the kind words.

      The “17 stitches” means how many actual “x” stitches goes into 1 inch.

      If you’re into computers, it is just like dpi (dots per inch) resolution on your computer monitor…each “dot” is equal to one x-stitch.

      I definitely hand-dye the fabric in my kitchen sink in a clean glass bowl. I use RIT permanent dye and totally experiment. Speaking of dying fabric, your beautiful work could easily be directly painted onto needlepoint canvas or cross stitch fabric.

      I learned the technique of home-dyeing by watching a “how to” craft video on You Tube and here is the video that started it all for me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fvf27aZXVM0.

      I have a new (little) cross stitch picture coming with a new technique to post this week (I’ve been really excited to post this upcoming picture and just had to take a small break from the houses to complete it because I couldn’t wait LOL).

      Paper sculpture huh? That sounds good. I’ll check the videos out and give some feedback on the viddies by Saturday afternoon 🙂 Thank you so much for taking the time to send these to me…I really appreciate it. 🙂


  2. Hi Ramona, goodie goodie.. can’t wait to see your next update tomorrow.

    Thank you very much for your explaination. This cleared up my wonder and puzzle. The stiches count is just like grammage in fabric or paper. But we call it thread count in gram per meter square . lol

    The two links I gave u earlier were not videos but only links to the respective artists’ work. I have the links here :
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5iaUWAno9Y – Carlos Meira, is a Brazilian
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCB-qM5xrAA – Jeff Nishinaka. I believe he is American born Jap.
    I like Carlos’s work more than Jeff’s, I guess because of the colorful images. But Jeff”s work is elegant in whites.

    Oh, by the way I am Susiliany.. I realized that I have not introduced myself when I read u called me B&P (chuckling…) Many call me SL ‘cos It is a mouthful to say it, I guess. U may call me anything u like lol 🙂
    Thank you again.


    • Hi Susiliany! What a beautiful, beautiful name!!!!

      Thank you for introducing yourself. I tried to look for your name on your blog but did not see it and thought you wished to remain private.

      I loved the videos and checked out both blogs just now. Sorry, last night I was too tired to give the links the proper attention that I wanted to so I had to wait. I am in awe. Carlos and Jeff are amazing. I see what you mean about Carlos/colour and Jeff/white.

      Jeff’s story is didactic for sure! I liked how he discussed the $$ aspect in art because it is an obscure measure. He’s right, artists need to charge the right amount to gain respect. I also enjoyed hearing about his dad’s advice about choosing one thing and being great at it, Jeff’s worldview and establishing an educational foundation.

      Carolos work is extraordinary. The feathers and the bananas!!! Gorrrgeous!! Talk about patience. His use of colour is deep, rich and complimentary making it either dramatic or whimsical. I like it.

      Thank you SO, SO much for sending me these links Susiliany. You are awesome, yet so far away, but so awesome! 🙂


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