15 comments on “Completed Cross Stitch – Plaid Bucilla’s ‘So Girly!’ series “Forever Friends”

  1. I love this! And the fabric dying is fabulous! I’ve never used Rit Dye on cross-stitch fabric but I’ve used Kool Ade and it worked beautifully! But back to your project; the detail is wonderful and I have to agree. Most photos include women with cats but since there are a few of us ‘dog’ women around, I’m glad you found this one. Congrats on the finish and a great job!


    • Thank you so much Sue 🙂 I appreciate the feedback and support very, very much and I, too, have my Kool Aid packs at the ready but I was worried about fade with Kool Aid vs. RIT though. Have you found any fade with KA? Unfortunately, I still do not know how to set the permanent colour in the cloth and how to avoid the fading. Any tips? And I am thrilled to meet a fellow female dog person – yay!!


    • Thank you so much Chiloe 🙂

      It is a Prismacolour 150 pencil set yet to be broken in LOL. I like your idea of using coloured pencils for charts. Never thought of trying that before – what a great idea! :0)


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    • Thank so much Hester! I really appreciate your kind and thoughtful words and am thrilled to hear that this blog is useful to you too (my main goal for posting). You just made my day :0)


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