37 comments on “Completed Cross Stitch – Aliolka’s “Red Fox and Grapes”

  1. I love the cross-stitch design–the fox has such personality! It’s good to hear that you’re pursuing your education, in spite of not getting into the program you hoped for!


  2. Hi Ramona, your stiches look beautiful as always. I was gonna mentioned tie dye earlier when I asked about your hand dyed technique. I guess you’ll achieve beautiful pattern in tie die with less work than batiking. The latter needs special tool calls canting in order to get desire motif. You can’t just drip the wax onto the fabric. You know the result is that blobs. Lol

    Speaking from my experience, if you really really crazy wanting to get into that program, find a way to be accepted at latter days/years (I think I so regret I didn’t do this) or always wonder not knowing that what ifs… Although the grape is sour you can have it with added sugar, right? (I know no one in right mind eats grape with sugar lol, but I would if given a chance). Good luck.


    • Thank you so much Susiliany 🙂

      If I could find a canting I’d try it for sure. Haven’t tried true tie dye yet though. Soon.

      I love advice especially when it comes from experience. The school encouraged me to re-apply but I am going to pass and seek another path and feel….okay actually. You got me thinking good thoughts about the sugar and grapes (raisins right? LOL).


  3. What? A completed Cross Stitch? I thought that was an oxymoron. Jackie (my wife) is an avid stitcher and we have a house full of of cross stitch kits. – If you ever run short of a project let me know, maybe we can work it so you distract her while I steal a couple of hundred for you.
    PS thanks for reading about my rooks (over on http://ja2da,com)


    • HAHAH! Thank you so much David 🙂

      You and my friend Mark share the same angst. His wife of 40 years has at least 75% of his house full of cross stitch (thankfully it’s a big house). Who knew cross stitching became an epidemic instead of a hobby! tee hee 🙂


  4. Hey Ramona!
    How is school coming along? The semester should be almost over. What a relief, right?
    I just started a new class…still moving along paper by paper, discussion post by discussion post.
    Hope you’ve been well,


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