17 comments on “WIP LARGE – Mirabilia’s "Enchanted Mermaid"

  1. She is looking beautiful! Keep going with her. You will be so happy with the end result. She is so blingy. I love the fabric you dyed for her . Very pretty.

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  2. Hey Ramona! I turned one of my coworkers onto your blog because she loves cross stitch. First of all, she loves your blog. Second, we don’t see a “follow me by email” link for your blog. Do you not have one? Perhaps she’ll create a Gravatar if not…

    Hope you’re doing well! I’m never on here like I used to be. I need to start checking in more often. 🙂

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    • Hi Vanessa, great to hear from you. I’ll see if the “follow me my email” function has dropped off and thank you for the referral. I’ve noticed you haven’t been on here and thought you may be busy with family (which of course is the most important). I had to put down my dog Chilly in April (pancreatitis complications, he was almost 10 yrs) and am in the last semester of my degree (there IS an end, it’s not a rumour..ha ha). However, great to hear from you :0)


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