106 comments on “Completed Cross Stitch – Karen Marie Zabroski’s “Seaside Cottages” for Sunset/Dimensions

  1. That is going to be absolutely beautiful when it is done! I think it will give the viewer a sense of refreshment, too. Nice colors and not “busy.”

    As for your lost time with the project, I had one of those “ripped out the perfect stitches” stories myself this week…

    My exstepdaughter came to town for three days (she JUST left) so when I drove my friend home from a dr appointment last week, we stopped off at the drug store to kill time. I bought allergy pills, since my exstep has a cat and I am allergic.

    The next day I go to take a pill and shudder when I realize I put the bag in the trash. I had already put the trash in the alley. So, I went dumpster diving with a broom stick, easily grabbed the bag, hoisted it up, opened the box and…

    NO PILLS!!! BECAUSE I took them out and stuck them in the zippered pocket of my purse the day I bought them, so I wouldn’t forget where I put them.

    Here’s a “tired girl” high five to my long lost sister in Toronto! {Smack!}

    We will be okay, lady!


    • Hey Diane! Can’t wait to see your HAED project! I’ve never tried griding and I see a lot of people do it…you’ve reminded me to try it soon 🙂

      Hope all is well with you.


  2. I used to do some cross stitch when it was really popular in the 80’s. I loved the look of it so bought the supplies and started a lot of projects. Unfortunately, very few if any got finished because it took so long and I kept counting wrong. I never reached your level of expertise. So I am very impressed with your work knowing what it takes to finish these pieces and do them so well. Your writing is delightful too. Kudos!


    • Hey Vanessa! It is coming along…s.l.o.w.l.y now since school started at best I am getting in a few hours a week.

      Just got over my first school hangover yesterday (tired from reading more than is humanly necessary for one person in a lifetime LOL)

      I saw your post on running…you poor thing you…you enjoy running LOL


      • Oh yes, the lovely reading hangover. I’ve had many myself. The reading is bliss…the exhaustion, not so much. 🙂

        The funny thing about enjoying running is that I started only because I “had” to! When I started exercising 7 years ago, I loved the cycling class at the gym (3 years before I would end up teaching it). A group of classmates decided to do a sprint distance triathlon that Oct, so I figured I would, too. I was already biking (although indoors), so I had to learn to swim laps and run. I found I liked the running so much (weird, I know) that I started doing 5Ks and three years later, a half-marathon.

        The half did me in and last year my daughter said, “How come you don’t run any more. You liked it.” Did I?

        I guess I do.

        I wear a scarlet “R” on my chest, I suppose. “Runner.”


      • I really admire you. Even though it is only electronically, every time we exchange our thoughts, ideas and activities, I find this wonderful depth of intelligence, creativity and perserverance about you.

        Are you sure that you don’t want to become a life coach?? 🙂

        So, with all the running, could you become Tina Turner’s double? ps..I like your creative take the scarlet “R” LOL.

        Did you ever get that runner’s high that people talk about or since the half did you in last year, we’ll never know? LOL 🙂


      • Thanks, Ramona. (blushing)
        Girl, do you know you have to get a special license to be a life coach? Um, no. Blogging is free and doesn’t require more schooling, annual fees, and special insurance. 😛

        LOL@ Tina Turner. From the knees down, maybe.

        I get the runners high. Got it from cycling, too. Just endorphins. 🙂 The first time I got it running, I wrote a poem about it. I have your email (you know you WP provides that when you comment on stuff) so I’ll email it to you there. I think I got it copyrighted, but heck if I’m gonna take the time to look that up right now. It’s easier just to not publicly post it, ya know? I’ll send it in a minute. 🙂

        I love chatting with you, too. From what I’ve read, I think you have a mellow personality and quick wit. I love people like that because it balances me out. (Unless I’ve totally read you wrong and you’re a secret spaz. LOL)


    • ps Vanessa…I wonder if you have come across PODRUNNER™: Workout Music By Steve Boyettmusic on iTunes before? It is music specifically for running/working out.

      It is free, has been around almost 10 years and music is mixed and remixed to certain beats per minute in the range of 130-180 depending on the intensity of your workout…I’ve used it when it first came out and it may or may not be your taste but since you are a fitness enthusiast, I thought you may enjoy the info 🙂



      • I don’t think I have. I may have come close, though. I had a friend that wanted to start running and do the half-marathon because I was. She had some weird running training she’d blast on her iPod speaker for us. Gentle, walking music for a specific time interval then “ding ding ding” and the tempo would increase for running, then “ding ding ding” back to walking. It was annoying, to say the least, and I kept waiting for a rabbit to appear to pace us along.

        Please, please tell me it isn’t that???


      • Nope. It isn’t. It is the opposite. I found this podcast almost 8-9 years ago when I bought my first iPod and I was doing a lot of walking and jogging on top of my regular gym routine and what was nice about it was that
        a) it’s free (but you can donate $2 to keep it ad-free if you want)
        b) it has now won awards 6 years in a row (what awards, don’t know)
        c) different beats per minute
        d) mixes different genres of music
        e) more music less words/singing
        f) the music flows for at least a full hour without interruption
        g) this music is made specifically for exercising

        But what knob thought those 3 dings wouldn’t be annoying??? LOL

        Out of curiosity, are you going to school FT or PT? I’m FT again as of Sept 5 so lately I haven’t been around on the computer as much as pre-school. OMG!!! Today is your BIRTHDAY!!!

        Happy Happy Happy Birthday! 29 forever!!! LOL I hope you have a wonderful time with your family, friends, animals and do whatever your heart desires today. I really wish you all the best!! 🙂


      • OMGosh, those stupid Dings. OK, I will check it out! It sounds good. 🙂

        School is FT if you can call it that. It’s an online program (Grand Canyon Univ) and the classes are each 8 weeks long. I’ve doubled up classes like this in my undergrad, and one at a time is quite enough. School is a lot of work!

        Thanks on the bday wishes! Friends have been taking me out all week. Today, I’m taking my daughter to the movies to watch Despicable Me 2 – I’m the one that wants to see it. LOL. Then the next two days has me going out again. I’m exhausted! LOL. 29 FOREVER!!!


    • OMG, were YOUR ears burning??? I was so thinking about you!!! I was like, jeez, I haven’t caught up with Vanessa much this week….

      How are you lady???? 🙂

      Have you gone on any good shopping trips lately? Decorating for Halloween? (Found a Halloween sign that said, “Embalm and Carrion”)…I don’t think that “Keep Calm…” statement will ever cease (I like it though).

      I just got back from visiting my parents in the Niagara Falls area…I.had.to.get.out.of.the.hooouuuuse! Yesterday was a 10 hour marathon of studying. My back hurts from sitting so much…*must go on treadmill* soon and step away from the comfort food! LOL

      How’s your legs of steel lately? Weather? How’s life treatin’ ya?


      • ((Ramona!!))
        No, no Halloween shopping although oddly, I saw pumpkins and was overcome by the desire to carve one this year. I never do. I just buy them, take out the seeds to roast, and trash it. LOL. I had to take my daughter shopping for an “official” outfit for one of her school programs. Weird seeing my 13 year old in heels, a button up shirt, and a skirt. Like me, she’s just not a girly girl.

        Ten hours of homework. Ugh! I would have been toast by hour 3. Although I’m a crammer who can write everything in one night, I’ve found (over the last 2 years of this college thing) that I have to read over a few days. I think it’s the age thing and I am none too happy about it!

        The legs are fine. I find the biggest issue (other than my thighs 😉 ) is stopping myself from running more than I have planned for that day. “Oh come on! Just go another half mile! Big deal!” But it WOULD be a big deal when the pain would hit 1-2 days later, so I make myself stop. I run two miles today and last time, I ran it on a path with a few inclines. Glutes…dying… May just do the 2 miles at the track today!! LOL. Did you ever get my running poem I sent to your email? I hate gmail. Everything goes to that spam folder!

        So other than spending an entire day on it, how is the homework going? Are you enjoying school overall?

        How lucky to visit the Niagara Falls area. Jealous!

        What are your other hobbies besides cross stitch (before school…when you had time for them0?


      • Great to hear back from you Vanessa 🙂 I’d love to see your carving of your pumpkin. Hope you go with humorous over tradition. Hmmm roasting the seeds sounds yummy.

        You must have been so happy to see your daughter all dressed up though. Tomboy? Nah, it’s called being more comfortable and practical majority of the time vs. not LOL

        Yep. 10 hours of studying-memorizing and reading (didn’t even touch homework/papers yet)…I’m mentally tired today. I swear universities are trying to kill their students by paper.

        Nah, I can see you going pass the 3 hour mark no problem but you have family to take care of and more going on than I do so I guess there are more distractions for you that divide down your time. Age? (*ahem* cough cough…we’re the same age…)

        I bow down to your endurance on running. An EXTRA 1/4 or 1/2 mile is no small feat–Ms. Buns of Steel (LOL) when you’re feeling almost toasted and burnt out from a full 2 miles.

        School is much better this year. Thank you for asking.

        I’ve got a much better handle on the commute (2.5 hrs total a day) and feel more organized (did a lot of the readings over the summer) for example in my Children’s Lit 3Y03 course, we have 15 books to read between Sept-Dec. semester.

        What courses are you currently taking? What do you have to read? What is your homework? But yes I am enjoying school waaay more than 1st year for sure 🙂

        Niagara Falls = Las Vegas; rich and luxurious around the casinos and poor elsewhere…and waiting at the border still sucks LOL

        E-mail? My apologies I have not checked my G-mail this week (or school emails either…yikes) but I don’t think that your e-mail would go to spam though…would it? Nahhhh! Looks like officially this will be “catch up on e-mail” week! (again, so sorry…this week (I mean last week) I got caught up with a friend here in Toronto)

        My other hobbies? Exercise mostly weight lifting, tabata classes, did Kangoo once (thought.I.was.going.to.die!! If you’ve never tried it..you’re in for a treat!! LOL) but I’ve been a video gamer on/off for 30 years and have quilted, crocheted, knitted, quilled, painted, draw, pottery (2 semesters).

        My time secret: I usually do 2 things at once when possible. What about you? Hobbies? Activities? Meetup groups?

        ps. tonight is the finale of Breaking Bad.. hope you don’t mind if I catch up with you tomorrow 🙂


      • Definitely going creative and most likely going dog. Should be a cute pumpkin.

        A university could SO kill student by paper. Paper can be so heavy!

        I haven’t tried tabata & I hear it’s wonderful! I’ll have to look up Kangoo. It’s probably something we’re not awesome enough to have taught here yet. We’re very backwards.

        Yes, we’re the same age and I tell you, I blame my age for everything.! “I’m tired.” “I’m bored.” “I’m a cranky beyotch!” Work it!

        I love video games, too! I used to have a Club Pogo account but I was just on there toooo much. LOL. Got rid of the game consoles a few years back, too.

        Hobbies: Reading, writing, dog park, dinners with friends. I want to start some needlework and will most likely end up in a crochet class – I hear it’s less involved than knitting and I’m an impatient person in the sense that I want something with instant results.

        Meet up groups, oh you’ll love this. Haven’t went to any but have checked them out. Well, a friend and I were talking about any time a guy pays us attention, we tend to change the subject or say in the wrong thing. I said we should start a meet up for “how to talk to adeptly talk to the opposite sex.” The premise would be no dating other members so that way some of the pressure would be off. I’ll have to email her later…we totally forgot about that. LOL. It’s time!

        Enjoy your show! Everyone from work is addicted to it. I couldn’t start watching so I wouldn’t get addicted, too. I do get to run 2 miles tonight, though. Yippee!!

        Have a great week!


    • Hello brushes and papers! Thank you so much for the compliment. LOL, I loved how you phrased the construction reference…I got such a great giggle! Thank you for the smile 🙂

      Looks like I’ll have to call back the hard hats from their donut break to get back to work. Hopefully by Monday house #2 will be up to code for display :0)


  3. Two of the houses are occupied. I can see lights from the windows. Front porch flowers have been planted also. You must be one heck of a builder. The whole neighborhood will be ready for Xmas celebration? Yay! Don’t forget to invite us for house warming. 🙂


  4. It’s been sometime since the last two houses been built. I thought to myself, it must be labor crunched there otherwise, you would have started to lay the foundation of the rest of houses already. 🙂


    • Heyah Susiliany,

      Thank you so much for the post. I remember our little chat over the snow cones! Sorry I missed it when it was originally posted.

      Recently, school started again so my cross stitch hobby is hobbling along….slower than usual but it will be finished! Too bad I couldn’t read with one eye and stitch with the other LOL

      Thank you for thinking of me! I love the picture. You’re very thoughtful, creative and talented 🙂


      • You are very welcome, Ramona. Sketching is new to me and I am still learning. (Just glad there are requests and dateline to challenge myself). It is a way to occupy my time at the same time to prevent early dementia. Take care n study hard. 😄


      • Sketching can be so much fun. There is so much depth of greyscale to work with. OMG you’re too funny (re: dementia comment) and it is an ironic statement to me since I just started volunteering with seniors in a day program who are journeying through dementia.

        So, without sounding corny, I am really glad that you’ve kinda “nudged” me about the WIP since the last update was a couple of weeks ago. It is too easy to let initial projects slide when you get busy. So….thank you!

        While I memorize glossary terms I’ll be stitching more soon (School just started again on Jan 6). But again, thank you for taking an active interest. I really, really appreciate it. 🙂


      • Awww… You are ever so very polite. Your parents raised you well. 😄 I am always amazed to know that some people are so good with needles n craft, just like you. Unlike me, a slow learner, only know a bit of those brush strokes n have to keep practicing to get it right. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know how to mend my own clothes. 😊 haha..

        School has started for a week now? It’s a new term? Enjoy it while you can.


  5. The Price is Right has lasted “too” long. Hehehe.
    You’re so patient! You’ve been working on this project along time.
    Good for you for keeping at it! Me? I would have given up. Good job, girl!


    • Hey Vanessa,

      How’s the WordPress Wizardress of Arizona doing?

      Thank you. I’ve definitely felt that way too LOL (the never ending cross stitch). The main reason it is taking so long is because of school though.

      I read up on how/why procrastination works/what makes people successful once the initial enthusiasm wanes and +-boom-+! this project will be done later than sooner but will be done 🙂

      I really appreciate your kind words and support!


  6. Yay! It’s finished. It looks really really beautiful. I didnt notice some of the detail before. Especially those grasses. The pastel color, the flowers, coconut trees, the houses and color contrast, those composition make it so perfect. Love it. More pleaseee… 😄


    • Thank you David so much. I remember our first exchange and boy did you make me laugh when you told me about your wife’s cross stitching and all the patterns she has…haha. I look forward to hearing what she thinks too 🙂


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