16 comments on “Completed Cross Stitch – Barbara Baatz Hillman’s “Hummingbird Banquet”

  1. The design really is pretty and so detailed! I love your theories about your theoretical parentage–so fun! I’ll need to give some thought to mine. I never doubted my mother was my real mother–too many uncanny similarities!


    • Thank you so much KerryCan 🙂

      PS. I hear ya about the mom thing…did you think that you were similar to your mom in your pre-teens, teens or later?

      Me and mom look alike in the face. Isn’t funny how much we may think we’re unique but, really, we are just like our parents? LOL 🙂


      • It is! My dad and I have been living in separate countries and very rarely meet and yet when we meet there is so much similar mannerisms and habits. It’s a little unnerving.
        Love the colours of the hummingbird.


      • Thank you so much Marlene 🙂

        Yes for sure I can see your POV and how it can be unnerving! But kinda freaky cool in a good way too 🙂

        That is nice that you still take time to see your dad esp. since you both are in different time zones practically (wow, different countries!). Thank you for sharing.


  2. I just love hummingbirds. They’re here in AZ but I saw them more when I lived in CA, so I rather miss them.
    Love child…Um, Hmmm. I would say my Type-A tendencies, fuzzy hair, love of writing, curious nature, love of how stuff works, and my natural tan would make me the love child of Albert Einstein and Maya Angelou. “God doesn’t play dice with the universe” (Einstein) meets “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” (Angelou).


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